DVC 1000 Series

Introducing the LEM DVC 1000 series of compact panel-mounted voltage sensors for insulated nominal voltage measurements
in rail traction and industrial applications.


Product Features

•   Bipolar : Bipolar or Unipolar (4-20mA output version)
•  Current Output : Current or Voltage output
•  Panel and DIN rail mounting
•  Push-in connections
•  Built-in device
•  Ingress protection rating IP 20.
•  Low consumption and low losses
•  Compact design
•  Very low sensitivity to common mode voltage variations
•  Excellent accuracy (offset, sensitivity, linearity)
•  Fast delay time
•  Low temperature drift
•  High immunity to external interferences.

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The DVC 1000 was developed to be fully compliant with the International Railway Industry Standards (IRIS). Rail engineers can use these versatile new sensors to measure DC links, the output voltages of inverters, the input voltage of 4 quadrant converters, or the battery voltage of Light Rail Vehicles.

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