DCBM for Electric Vehicle Metering

The smarter route to Electric Vehicle metering – LEM's Direct Current Billing Meter gives charging station providers the ability to deliver a ‘gas station’ like experience, using an LCD display to show real time measurements, energy, alarms and legal data.


Product Features

•   400 A - 600 A maximum current
•  1000 V nominal voltage
•  Class B accuracy
•  Billing Meter in compliance with VDE-AR-E-2418-3-100
•  Ethernet communications supporting the HTTPS/REST protocol
•  Signed billing data sets according to the S.A.F.E OCMF

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Smart and compact – LEM’s Direct Current Billing Meter (DCBM) is an excellent solution for retrofit and new DC fast charging stations from 25 to 400 kW, the DCBM uses industry standard data protocols.

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