CDSR for EV Charging

When it comes to EV charging, you don’t compromise on safety – and neither do we. LEM CDSR series of leakage current sensors combines small footprint with high safety standards and cost effectiveness, to fit with your customers and end users demand.


Product Features

•   Single and three phase configuration
•   32 A rms nominal current per phase
•   0.5 mA accuracy at 6mA
•   Test winding and default output signal
•   Analog and digital communication (SPI)
•   Complies with application standards IEC 61851, 62955, 62752, UL 2231

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The CDSR series uses the latest open-loop fluxgate technology, offering high safety for EV users by measuring AC and DC leakage current below 1mA at frequencies up to 2kHz.

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